So if your wiki is struggling to get off the ground or it has stagnated then there are lots of ways to get some new editors and help get the wiki running again. Please note that the methods below will not guarantee you will get more editors on your wikis.


If you have over 200 pages on your wiki you might be legible to apply for a Wikia Spotlight. A spotlight is basically a miniature advert for your wiki displayed on the Wikia network. They are displayed at the bottom of every page where it says 'Around Wikia's Network'. There are other criteria to be met before you can apply, to find out what they are please clickhere.

To apply for a spotlight clickhere.

Fan PagesEdit

You could make a fan page for your wiki on Facebook. All the wikis which I am a founder of (and a few I have recently adopted) have Facebook pages. They are a good way to help get some more awareness of your wiki. If you start out by inviting a few friends they soon take off. Make sure that if you have a Facebook fan page that you let everyone know who visits your wiki by having a link to it on your homepage.

YouTube AccountsEdit

Another free and useful way to get more people to visit your wiki and possibly help is a YouTube account. They can be used to promote your wiki by videos and they are also helpful if you want to host your videos there and then post them on your wiki. Building up a following on YouTube does take time so do not get angry if it is not instantly successful.

Start TweetingEdit

You could start tweeting on Twitter to help gain a following. Again the people who follow you may not edit on your wiki but at least you are getting views and word is spreading about your wiki. You can also use the Twitter Widget to put your Twitter feed anywhere on your wiki.