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The aim of the British Herping Wiki is to show the emence diversity of the native species and that of the
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Great Crested Newt-One of our Favorited photo's on the BHW-By snakes1000000

introduced species of reptiles and amphibians which have bred in the UK. Check it out you will be suprised just how many species have bred here and have created a sustainable population.

How you can help?Edit

The founder of the British Herping Wiki  would mainly appreciate it if you could edit/add more pages to the category of "Habitats" as this category is most in need of help content/quantity wise. They would also appreciate it if you could add any photo's you have taken of any amphibians & reptiles that you have seen in the UK, or of any that you've seen out of the UK but exsists in the UK, wheather it's native/non-native. You can check to see if the species has bred in the UK by checking out the list of pages on amphibians & reptiles on the British Herping wiki. Also if you know of any amphibians/reptiles that have bred/breeding in the UK that isn't on this wiki feal free to add a page about it. You can just copy and paste information from wikipedia. Don't forget to state where it has bred.

                                                                     Thankyou for your time. 

When we first started the wiki, it only had "12" or "13" species if you include the Pool frog; which are all the native species to the UK, but now we have a total of 76 species on the wiki. Virtually all of them have atleast 20 breeding pairs within the UK.

But we still need your help. If you have seen any amphibians or reptiles in the UK which aren't on the British Wildlife Wiki/British Herping Wiki please feel free to add a page about it. Just state where the population is and then add lots of information about it. You can copy & paste any information about the species from wikipedia BUT NOT FROM ANY OTHER WEBSITE! You can even do a little research on the species to see if there have been any other sitings of the species in the UK.

Also we need alot of help on our habitats pages. So please feel free to add a page on a habitat in the UK. Please state what native amphibians and reptiles you can find there. Thankyou

The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!

The British Herping Wiki & Herping YouTube Partnership Network!